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SteamJet Wash & Disinfection for Scooters

SteamJet Wash & Disinfection for Scooters

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Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope everyone is safe & secure. For us, you are valuable.Motoadda is bringing you the most affordable & scientific steamjet cleaning combined with advanced hygiene, cleanliness in every nook & corners at a money-saving price that is from one of the most eco-firendly and bio-degradable technology 


  1. Consumes less water, No Waste Water Runoff
  2. Effective for killing allergens and microbes due to high temperature 
  3. Eco-friendly way of car washing, Soft on factory paint leaving the surface healthy and clean
  4. Can be used for cleaning exterior and interior surface
  5. Washes, sanitizes and waxes the surface simultaneousl
  6. Reduces the use of harsh and abrasive chemical
  7. Safe for engine cleaning
  8. Efficiently cleans the oily or greasy surface 

Save more than 50% of the actual costs by paying & subscribing NOW. Avail the services as per your convinience ?

Each Service includes:
  • Complete eco-Friendly & bio-degradable steamjet wash with total disinfection 
  • Detailing with wax / polish finish

We do not deliver during the week-end.

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