From riding gear to performance parts for your team, Motoadda’s Corporate and Group Sales serves the unique needs of your bulk purchases.
We offer a wide range of Touring, Adventure, Travel gear, specialized Performance parts and motorsport gear. Our Corporate and Group Sales team looks forward to providing experience-based advice and suggestions
Corporate and Group Sales accepts orders by email only. Eligibility for group discounts is based on product selection and quantity ordered.
Our product selection includes everyday gear suitable for students, travelers, business people and Motorsport enthusiasts. We also offer Spares, parts, accessories, specific performance parts for two-wheelers & four wheelers, technical gear designed for motorsports, 4wd, lifestyle products. All products available at Motoadda shall be eligible for Corporate and Group Sales discounts, with T&C apply, so please contact us for details on:
Contact Name :  Team MotoAdda
Contact Phone : 8722912345 / 7975046614
Instagram /Facebook handle - MOTOADDA