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Mitsu Steering & SUSPENSION RACK END - N/M MARUTI CAR-800 -MSMT-6525

Mitsu Steering & SUSPENSION RACK END - N/M MARUTI CAR-800 -MSMT-6525

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It connects rack to the wheels, and is one of the important parts of steering system between steering wheel and tires. Tie rod end and rack end together is called side rod a'ssy, and it is connected to the wheels through steering knuckle. Rack end mainly uses rack and gear wheel in steering system.


Tie rods and tie rod end ball joints are what connect the steering rack gearbox to the steering knuckles so the turning input from the driver makes its way to the wheels. Tie rods thread onto the steering rack to also allow for steering alignment adjustments to be made.


They connect them to the steering rack where the ends swivel to allow the steering rack to move the wheel more efficiently. It is done by transmitting force from the rack gear to the front wheel steering knuckle.

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