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Delphi Front Brake Pads DATSUN GO/GO+ LP3507

Delphi Front Brake Pads DATSUN GO/GO+ LP3507

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Delphi offers Industry-Leading Braking, with a #1 standing in European Coverage, based on TecAlliance data. Offering +99.41% VIO coverage, 320M+ vehicles covered, 98% EU brake disc coverage, and 24+ first-to market applications in 2020. Vehicle-pads best match is achieved through the over 20 unique formulations. They are copper-free, environment -friendly and range way ahead of 2025 legislations, with 30+ tons of plastic and 18+ tons of cardboard saved from improved packaging.

Part Number: LP3507



Model Year Engine Power (hp) Fuel type Engine type
GO 1.2 03.2014 - now 1.2 L 67 h.p. Petrol DOHC
GO PLUS 1.2 01.2015 - now 1.2 L 68 h.p. Petrol DOHC


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