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WURTH Radiator Flush and Cleaner 250ml

WURTH Radiator Flush and Cleaner 250ml

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  • Cleans the entire cooling system
  • Dissolves & combines residues containing oil & grease
  • Dislodges & removes lime & corrosion deposits
  • Ensures optimum engine cooling and reliability: for best result use wuerth radiator coolant. Radiator cleaner does not affect metals, plastic & rubber parts.
  • Then add water & cleaner in the ratio of 1 : 10 and run the engine in the idle position for 30 minutes at working temperature,,drain water & repeat the pro the cooling; then drain out the cleaner completely,add clean water to the system and run for 2 to 3 minutes; system is now ready,fill the cooling system with the coolant & water as per manufacturer’s specification.


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