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General Checkup

General Checkup

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Mandatory check point covered under this service:

  1. Fluid levels & Health check  - Engine, Gearbox, Radiator, Power steering, Brake
  2. Brakes wear Inspection - Front & Rear
  3. Suspension Check - Lifecycle of all related parts such as steering Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Link rods, Lower Arms, Upper Arms, Bush Kits, Shock Absorbers,  Mounts 
  4. Battery & Electricals check - Headlights, Tail Lights, Indicators, Horn, Alternator, Bulbs, switch panels & Miscellaneous   
  5. Air Conditioning Check - Gas levels, Cabin Filter, Leakages, Cooling Efficiency, Cooling Coil, Blower Motor, Compressor 
  6. Wheels & Tyres check - Wear Inspection, Lifecycle, Alignment & Balancing 
  7. Filters check - Oil, Air, Fuel 
  8. Body & Paint  - Damaged Panels, repaint checks,  Handles, Trims,  

NOTE: Price includes service labour only, parts at actual costs  

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