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Delphi MRA Assembly KWID Petrol - AM28409280

Delphi MRA Assembly KWID Petrol - AM28409280

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Delphi has patented over 150 innovative OE-technologies, with over 30 OE-proprietary innovations, some tests running for 10,000 hours (over 1 year) non-stop and ensure durability to withstand extreme conditions and temperatures. A range of high-tech Module Reservoir Assembly systems ensures optimum working performance and long life



Model Year Engine Power (hp) Fuel type Engine type
KWID 0.8L BWMA 02.2015 - 09.2019 0.8 L 54 h.p. Petrol SCe
KWID 1.0L BWMB 02.2015 - 09.2019 1 L 63 h.p. Petrol SCe
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