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Delphi Compressor Chevrolet Beat Diesel - AM 55302199

Delphi Compressor Chevrolet Beat Diesel - AM 55302199

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Delphi boasts of over 50 years of A/C systems expertise. Our compressors undergo rigorous testing for durability and reliability, with a proven warranty of less than 1 incident per 1,000 vehicles. A lightweight, high-efficiency design provides improved cooling and fuel economy, while being environmentally-friendly with less than 1lb of refrigerant leaking in 40 years.




Model Year Engine Power (hp) Fuel type Engine type
BEAT 1ST GEN 1.0 07.2011 - 02.2014 1 L 58.5 h.p. Diesel B12D1
BEAT 1ST GEN F/L 1.0 02.2014 - 12.2017 1 L 56.3 h.p. Diesel XSDE
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