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Atomic Metal Conditioner - Maximum

Atomic Metal Conditioner - Maximum

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Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant is an innovative 3-component product specially formulated for treating vital engine parts in cars with oil system capacity up to 5 qt. Due to Revitalizant, the product reduces friction, rebuilds worn metal in engine parts and creates protective coating against future wear, thus providing tools-free restoration and anti-wear protection. Product application prolongs the life of your engine and allows avoiding expensive repairs in the future. One treatment lasts for 60,000 miles!

Additional Information

Make sure the car engine is warmed up to normal operating temperature, turn off the vehicle.

Shake the bottle

Pour the contents into the engine oil reservoir.

Start the car and let the engine idle for five minutes.

Then, drive as you normally would.

box, bottle 225ml.

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